TAXI DISPATCH SOFTWARE is a basic element of our solution. It includes software for workers of the call-center (DISPATCHER), drivers (TERMINAL) and a module for management, reporting and analyzing (WEBCONFIG).

The usage of other modules is optional and switched on Customer's request.


TERMINAL - driver's application - is fully configurable. Each taxi company has its own specificity. Many of the most commonly used features can be freely configured using more than 250 parameters related to the TERMINAL.

Selected features of the TERMINAL:

  • Clear interface of the application.

  • Two versions: basic and extended - the choice belongs to the driver.

  • Accepting, rejecting jobs.

  • Navigating to the start or end address.

  • Voice notifications (or SMS) about car waiting at the address.

  • Voice communication (driver & call-center)

  • Preview of a driver's position on the map.

  • Statistics of zones.

  • Voice playback of job details (addresses, comments to the job).

  • Sending a message to / from the call-center workers.

  • Running a security alert.

Convenience and benefits for the drivers.

The driver can use the TERMINAL on several devices. The system allows him to switch between devices without losing e.g. the queue or information about the job being processed.

Alarm procedure - emphasis on security.

The driver's activation of the alarm procedure presents the dispatchers and other drivers the information about his current location. Also sends to the dispatchers the photos from the devices' front camera, giving the view of the interior of the vehicle.

Reading messages.

For the driver's convenience, the TERMINAL, reads out loud information about jobs placed on the bid, internal company messages or details of the received job (e.g. comments to the address).

Examples of TERMINAL screens - extended version:

Examples of TERMINAL screens - basic version:


DISPATCHER is the application dedicated to call-center workers (dispatchers). The software is aimed at minimizing the time of entering a new job. Integration with a switchboard device dealing with incoming and outgoing calls significantly increases the workers' efficiency.

DISPATCHER, apart from the TERMINAL, is the most important element of the System. It works effectively in companies having fleet volume from 10 to 1500 cars. Flexibility is provided thanks to over 200 parameters for this module.

Selected features of the DISPATCHER:

  • Fast booking of a new job.

  • Caller ID recognition.

  • The history of customer addresses.

  • Presentation of ETA and waiting time.

  • Calculation of the fare for the job, according to distance, time of journey, time of a day, public holidays etc.

  • Integrated map

    • Presentation of jobs positions

    • Presentation of drivers positions

  • Status of jobs

  • Blocking drivers

  • Presentation of drivers in the zones together with information about future bookings.

Easiness of entering addresses

Entering the order address is convenient thanks to the ready-to-go address database of the main city and many neighboring cities. Useful when estimating the fare for a journey.

Preview of drivers and jobs on the map.

The dispatcher can easily check the location of the vehicle on the map, its status and the status and location of jobs.

Increased efficiency.

Jobs that are bidding are available not only to the drivers. The system can also cyclically (e.g. every 5 seconds) verify whether a taxi appeared in the given zone of the job and automatically send the job to the driver.

Our way of presenting information makes it easier for dispatchers to work. Logical division of jobs, presentation of vehicles in zones, a separate tab with reminders or a map preview. These are only selected elements of the DISPATCHER window.

When sending a new job, the call-center worker has a full preview of the route, selected taxi, journey fare and travel time (based on the current traffic).


What distinguishes our solution is access for the System's administrator from the website level. You do not need to install any additional software or be tied to a selected computer in your office. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser. After logging in using the login and password, you will gain access to managing the drivers, viewing jobs.


Zones, stands, POI's editing is very intuitive by a convenient editor.

Access to dozens of reports will allow you to analyze the status of your company. The charts and tables reporting the jobs are presented with respect to the period you have selected. The output data can be easily exported to a format such as XLS or PDF.


With many options available from the CONFIGURATION level, you can also block selected drivers. The blocking will work immediately or can be set in advance (planned blocking - useful with a TAXI SETTLEMENTS MODULE).




Selected features of the MOBILE APPLICATION:

  • Booking an ASAP job.

  • Booking a future job.

  • Cancelling a job.

  • Viewing a status of a job.

  • Getting nformation about the car: model, make, color, plate number of the vehicle.

  • Integration with the VOUCHERS MODULE - paying by a virtual account.

The mobile application is available in three language versions on the most popular platforms: Android and iOS. The look of the application (logo, menu, buttons) is adjusted to your requirements.


Your customer can pay by a credit card for journeys booked with the MOBILE APPLICATION. Adding a card details will take a minute and it's ready to go!

Sample screens of our Customers' MOBILE APPLICATIONS:



Modern advertising model that you should like means reaching customers in places where they may need taxis - hotels, restaurants, airports. The KIOSK allows to book a taxi using a dedicated mobile application from your branded stand wherevere you put it.

The KIOSK will be an excellent solution to showcase your company. The device placed in a solidly made stand and the pre-installed application with your logo (adjusted colors, fully branded) will certainly be striking - encourage to book a taxi.

Selected features of the KIOSK:

  • Booking an ASAP job (also multiple jobs).

  • Booking a future job (also multiple jobs).

  • Cancelling a job.

  • Viewing a status of a job.

  • Getting nformation about the car: model, make, color, plate number of the vehicle.

  • Integration with the VOUCHERS MODULE - paying by a virtual account.

Short version

(example: the reception desk of a hotel)

Tall version

(example: the lobby of a hotel)

Sample screens of KIOSK mobile application:



VOUCHERS MODULE is a tool to organize non-cash cooperations with your partners. It is available through the password protected website. Your partner receives a generated login and a password. It allows creating virtual accounts, bound them with plastic cards, set limits or block accounts.

Selected features of the VOUCHERS MODULE:

  • Fully integrated with DISPATCH SOFTWARE.

  • Automatically generated reports.

  • Travel routes, states, information about the jobs.

  • Single-use vouchers with settable fare and expiration date (can be printed or generated as PDF).

  • Four types of access to virtual account:

    • Plastic cards

    • Paper prints (PDF)

    • Mobile application

    • Phone number

VOUCHERS MODULE is integrated with MOBILE APPLICATION. During the process of booking a taxi your customer just points a virtual account as a payment method. When the journey is finished the account is charged by an amount entered by the driver.


Give your customer a free ride. We provide a solution for management those journeys. You can set a fare limit and expiration date for the virtual voucher.

Plastic cards are designed according to a given example. The project on both sides can be whatever you wish - there is only an area for a QR (or bar) code required.

The driver's smartphone can also be a QR code reader. Thanks to the smartphone built-in camera the driver easily scans code from a plastic card.  In a moment that gives the driver full information about the customer's virtual account details: limits, expiration date, balance or possible blockades.

4321 1234 4321 1234


A complete software that lets you settling drivers' accounts. It generates every report you need, shows reminders and a full history of drivers' payments and balances.

Different drivers' settling schemes

All possible ways you want to charge your driver are possible with our solution. For example: per job, per time spent in a car, per distance that was done. In addition: percentage of job fare or fixed fare per job. You can also split fees according to the source of the job (phone call, mobile application, street).

Individual accounts

Every driver has his own virtual account with his own balance and history of payments and charged fees.

Resources management.

Resources management can be easy. Cash registers, taximeters, payment terminals or printed advertisements - all of them you can register and follow using this module.


Intregration with VOUCHERS MODULE ​allows to view driver balance with respect to used vouchers.

Data export

Any data you need is easy to export to any well-known formats: XLS, PDF,



A TERMINAL can be expanded with a voice communication function. The driver with a simple gesture switches the application into the audio recording mode. The receiver can be both a single driver, a group of drivers or call-center workers.

Selected features of VOICE COMMUNICATION:

  • Registering each message on the server.

  • Possibility of re-playing the transmitted message at any time.

  • Directing messages to a single driver or a selected group of drivers.

The dynamics of taxi companies' actions requires fast and practical solutions. Imagine the driver who is forced to change the place of waiting for the customer. He can easily notify the call-center using VOICE COMMUNICATION MODULE.

Using VOICE COMMUNICATION MODULE in your company you increase the comfort of work in a dynamic situations. If only a driver needs to immediately send a message to the call-center he can do it.




IVR is a set of solutions that we propose to automate the phone booking process.

A proper use of this mechanism makes your company competitive against the others and additionally allows you to reduce the operating costs of the call-center.

Selected features of the IVR:

  • The IVR can be set so that it does not start for new customers.

  • Your customer can cancel a job by pressing one button (e.g. zero) without talking to call-center workers.

  • Every customer can enable and disable IVR independently.

  • A driver can call the customer without getting customer's phone number.


The customer calls your call-center and automatically gets the current time of arrival on the phone with no need to directly contact call-center workers.


According to our Customers statistics, IVR can handle up to 20% of daily traffic.





At any place at your website you can nest a WEB BOOKING form. A short piece of a generated code has to be included withing your website project.

The layout of a WEB FORM is customizable. This solution allows your customer booking taxi directly from your website, following the car position on a map, cancelling a job and having a view of the status of a job.

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